We translate your patents to be filed with JPO

IP translation into Japanese

[Quality assurance (QA)]

QA - 001: Each linguist translates 2,500 words a day or less!

We know there are linguists who can translate 5000 words a day.  But we don't.  Because we know that the perfect translation quality is achieved by limiting the number of words to be translated a day. So each linguist keeps 2500 words a day.

QA - 002: [Translation] + [review] is our standard procedure!

To keep the highest quality, at least two operators are involved in each assignment.

QA - 003: Target language is always Japanese

To keep the natural translation, our target language is always Japanese, which is our mother language. 


"Masa Kajiki approaches patent translation in a highly professional manner, and can be depended on to provide accurate translations in advance of a national phase entry due date.  Where necessary, he seeks  the client’s input to ensure that the translation is entirely accurate.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Masa’s work to other attorneys." (International Patent Lawyer from Australia)